Aquarium Fish Market WORLD'S LARGEST Bangkok Part 1

The Chatuchak Market, or JJ Market to help the foreigners that can't pronounce Chatuchak, is situated very close to BTS Mo Chit. Which by the way, is the most popular and convenient way of getting there.

The World's largest weekend market, the sheer numbers and varying sizes of fish is simply staggering. I've tried to give you a good cross section of the many different varieties for sale at the market. You will see Koi, Stingrays, Cichlids, Marine Fish, Tropical Fish, Goldfish, Planted Tanks, Betta Fighting Fish, Flower Horns, Asian Arowanas, Arapaimas. The list goes on and on.

The sellers clearly love their fish and were proud to have me video in the many different shops within the market.

Not only selling fish, they also have everything for the complete novice to get started. Including Tanks, Filters, Pumps, Food (live and commercial brands), Heaters, Drift Wood, Underwater Plants, Rocks, Coral, Sand, Stones, etc, etc, etc.

One fish was priced at 480,000 baht (US$13,940), I wonder if anyone can tell me which one they think it is!!!

I hope that you enjoyed watching this video.

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