If you’re in the process of building a new pond, you’re bound to make a few mistakes. Everyone does. Today, I’m going to review the top 3 most common mistakes made, and hopefully shedding some light on these will help you avoid making them.

1.) Location- Starting with the design, ponds are often placed in poor locations. Those are unused areas of the property or in low spots that collect water. Both these locations cause big problems. Unused areas are well, unused for a reason. Putting a pond in those areas is a waste because it just won’t be seen on a regular basis.

Low spots are challenging. They will collect water, runoff, pollutants- and your pond water quality will ultimately suffer. Also, in heavy floodable areas water can in fact pool underneath the liner and actually lift the liner up.

2.) Size- Yes, a small pond is easier to construct (less manual labor and cheaper) but, they’re harder to maintain than a large pond. For the most part, majority of people end up making their ponds bigger down the road. Not only because they love it, but their fish and plants outgrew the smaller feature. If you have the space, go big.

3.) Lack of Ledges- ledges will provide shelves for plants, yes. But, more often than not- a rock shelf is forgotten. This is short shelf above the plants shelves that provide necessary depth of stone. The rock shelf is there to hide the liner when the water level goes down.

Bottom line- have a plan, do research and above all ask questions. We’re always available. I’m Joe from webbsonline. Talk to you then. "

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