How to Build a Big Fish and Crayfish/Crawfish Pond in your Backyard

The building of the pond was easy, only required a big excavator. Size of the pond is 21x12x5 meter or 69 feet x 39 feet x 16 feet deep at the deepest part. No rubber pond liners or plastic pond liners needed since bottom is old sea bottom clay and sand. The rest includes macadam, air pump for oxygen, filter, lots of old roof tiles for the crayfish/crawfish to hide under.
I put in the swedish Noble Crayfish (flodkräfta) they are red listed, only 5% remains in swedish lakes and rivers. The imported american signal crayfish carry a fungus so lethal to indigenous crayfish that it has nearly wiped them out. Signal Crawfish are now forbidden to put out in any swedish water. I also have Koifish in the pond now.
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