Building a Backyard Bass Pond!! (Day 1)

The day has come to finally build a backyard pond for our two pet bass! Check out the Aquascape pond builders that came from across the country to help us build our dream pond!

Watch Day 2 build here:

Our Backyard Pond Parts:
Waterfall Pump -
Recirculation Pump -
Skimmer -
Pondless Waterfall -
Liner -
Auto Dosing System -
IonGen System -
Led Lights -
AquaBlox -
Valves -
Skimmer Pole -
Skimmer Net -
Skimmer Filter -
Chlorine Remover -

Greg The Pond Guy, Aquascape:

The Man with the Plan! Ed Beaulieu:

Brian Dahle, Birmingham, AL.

John Adams, Knoxville, TN.
Modern Design Aquascaping

Jason Duffney, Jacksonville, FL.

Guy Edwards, Gadsden, AL.

Tanner Flowers, Cleveland, TN.

Bubba Hogan, Memphis, TN.
Dreamscapes Landscaping

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