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About Fish Tank Keepers

Welcome to Fish Tank Keepers

Fish Tank Keepers is your number one portal for fish keepers, Looking to start an aquarium ? or just need some guidance on fish keeping ? Then fish tank keepers is your number one place for fish keeping advice. fish tank hobbyists an everything fish, fresh water, salt water & tropical fish.

You will find lots of useful information on starting in the aquarium hobby and caring for your aquariums.

Please see our facebook group here: Fish Tank Keepers Facebook Group you will be able to meet like minded people in the fish keeping hobby ask for help or advice if you are stuck on a problem and more. Only on Fish Tank Keepers! your number one fish keeping community.


How We Started

Fish Tank Keepers started out in 2019 on facebook as a facebook group for fish keepers to learn and share ideas with other fish keepers. We then started our website / Blog Fish Tank Keepers for lots of fish keeping guides information and advice for fish keepers all over the world.


Our Aim

Our aim here at fish tank keepers is to bring you all the latest information about aquariums & Fish, We do this through an online blog and facebook group. We enjoy helping others in the fish keeping community. Our aim is to one day open up a fish store in our local town of Ormskirk in the United Kingdom.