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Best Aquarium Wave Makers in 2019

The work of a wave maker is straight up in the name. It will simply help to create the waves in the water to imitate the natural water movement.

Best Aquarium Wave Makers in 2019

So, how do you pick the best aquarium wave maker?

That no longer has a question as this guide has the solution. You can learn more about the aquarium wave makers and get to pick the right model at the end of the guide.

Let us get to it now.


What is an Aquarium Wave Maker?

The fish will always be in a constant movement and there will be some type of wave created as they move.

In the open water like the sea or lake, the fish love the waves as they help them move around easily.

It would be great for you to replicate that movement in the aquarium. This is where you get to use the aquarium wave maker.

The wave maker comprises of a power head that acts as pump to create the waves in the water.

You can always get a model depending on the size of the aquarium for you to have the best waves created for the fish.

Aquarium Wave Maker Benefits

1. One thing that will drive more people into picking the wave maker is because the fish is familiar with the currents and wave in the water.

The fish will also tend to thrive well as it is something they like. Being in a familiar habitat for anyone also does the same thing.

2. The wave maker will help the coral and invertebrates to access the nutrients in the tank.

This is because the corals and invertebrates cannot really move to where the nutrients are located. You can now be sure that the nutrients will be pushed to where it is.

3. It helps eliminate the dead spots in the water. The dead spots in this case those areas that do not move.

These areas are likely to be unhealthy for the fish as they do not have fresh oxygen. The wave maker is going to help with the circulation of the oxygen to that area.

4. Well, you can also find that the waves will make the aquarium a pleasant thing to see.

Many people visiting your home will always be interested to see how the wave maker works. The plants will be swaying with the fish also be more lively.

Best Aquarium Wave Maker on the Market

Best Aquarium Wavemaker Reviews

1. Hydor Koralia Nano Aquarium Circulation Pump


Working with this pump is something you get most people doing as it is built to deliver on performance. You too could enjoy doing so when it comes to buying the best aquarium wave maker.


One thing is for sure, many people are going to love it for its compact nature. The manufacturer made it be compact so that fitting it in various places should not have to be a problem.

The other reason many would want is because it is energy saving. It will not have to use a lot of power when it comes to the delivery of performance at all times. You will always have an easy time using it for the nano reef to create the environment the habitants are used to.

The aim of the pump is to recreate the natural water motion. Thanks to the design and functionality of the model, you always end up with the best motion. It will give you the performance you have always looked for.


It also comes with a ball joint that will let you adjust the flow direction. You can now create the right environment for the fish.

The manufacturer also made it have the patented magnetic suction cup. The cup makes it easy for the users to easily attach it to the side of the tank. You will always love such type of functionality in this product.

You also get the built-in fish next and the anti-vibration system. These two are important so that the fish and other inhabitants are not disturbed by the operation of the system.


  • It is compact
  • Energy saving model
  • Compatible with Smartwave Controller
  • Recreates natural water motion


  • A bit of vibration is noticed

2. SUNSUN Submersible Circulation Wave Maker Water Pump for Aquarium


If you were looking for the best aquarium wave maker, you can always settle for this one. This is because it comes with top features that you could use. More people today are always picking it as it is totally submersible.

It also comes with an oil-free motor. Once you have submerged it into the water, you will not have to worry about polluting the living organisms in the water. That is always a good thing for the fish and any other inhabitants.

You get up to 800 gallons per hour, which is a good range for a circulation wave maker. There is no doubt that you will find this model being loved by many people. Its performance has seen it mostly being used in the marine aquariums of varying sizes.

The model still comes with high waterproof performance. This shows that you can be used this water pump for a long time to come. You will also end up having better safety and reliability with such a model.


The installation part is simple. You will have to suck the cupule to anywhere on the wall of your tank to have it sticking. The suction is still so great that it can hold until you want to move it again.

The suction cup is designed to have articulating ball joints that allow for versatility. You can always point the pump to where it can work great with ease.

Another thing people will love should be that it consumes less power. You will not have to worry about it taking up a lot of power. This means that the aquarium remains functional with less power being used.


  • Totally submersible
  • Oil-free motor
  • Low energy consuming
  • Easy to install


  • The construction could be improved

3. SongJoy Wave Maker Aquarium Circulation Pump


You are always going to love this model for the type of efficiency it has to offer. The model was designed to be highly versatile.

For this reason, you will get it mostly being used in the aquarium, fish tanks, gardens, and ponds. That is something good for someone who might own all of them.

Still on versatility, the model works for both saltwater and freshwater applications. You will not have to buy two different models if you have both saltwater and freshwater tanks. The manufacturer has rated it to be applicable to the length of 3-6 ft. fish tank.

What about the motor? Since it is a wave maker, the motor is going to affect its efficiency always. For this model, you get a model with a high efficient 6-watt motor. This type of motor is powerful to create the environment that the fish and other inhabitants would want.


The best part about this motor is that it is also quiet. You will not have to worry much about the vibrations either. This is important that you get to keep the fish in a quiet environment always.

The model also comes with a ceramic shaft. This construction is important so that the shaft is corrosion resistant.

Having a suction base ensures that you get a safe operation always. It means that you can also attach it anywhere on the tank wall to let it work. The 360-degree rotatable power head is another nice addition to the functionality of the wave maker. You can always point it where you want it to pump more.

The fence design of the power head is crucial for the safety of the pets. You will not have to worry that the pets would end up being caught in the wave maker.


  • Safe to use
  • Easy to mount
  • 660GPH for the 33-gallon tank


  • No controller

4. KEDSUM Aquarium Circulation Pump, Wave Maker


The flow rate of a pump is always the most important consideration you would have in mind when buying one. You will be happy to know that this one comes with the best high flow rate on the market right now.

The model can deliver up to 2642 gallons per hour. Not many other models will have such a flow rate leave alone half of it.

The best part about owning this pump is that it will allow up to 360-degree rotation. This will allow for the full flow direction of the water in your aquarium. You can have it spraying the water in each of the corners with ease.


This will help in imitating the natural flow of water. This is will be great for the fish and in a way it helps to clean the residue.

You always have to keep in mind how you will get to mount the circulation. This calls for having the best suction cup. Luckily, you end up with a strong suction cup as the mounting feet for the pump. You can vertically mount with ease and have the pump delivering its force to the water effectively.

The manufacturer also gave it a good construction so that its working is never an issue. The construction involves having no messy oils that might end up polluting the tank water. With that eliminated, you will always end up with a top wave maker.

You will also note that you will not have to worry about power consumption. The manufacturer made it possible for many people to use it without worrying that it would add more bill to their existing energy bills.

The model’s design allows it to operate at low noise. This is something great when it comes to performance. Being ultra-quiet should provide the right environment for the fish to easily co-exist.


  • Low noise
  • High flow rate
  • Strong suction
  • Low energy consumption


  • Too powerful for the small tanks

5. SUN JVP-110 528GPH Wave Maker Pump


If you found that the other models were too powerful for your small tank, then you can always opt for this one. It has been made to one of the best you can possibly get at the moment.

The manufacturer recommends that you use it for the 30 to 60-gallon tanks. Considering these are the tanks that many people would have, then it is common to find it being popular.


How Does an Aquarium Wave Maker Work?


Many people who have not used a wave maker before would not be sure what the wave maker was all about. Well, the wave makers are important to help create the waves in the water of your aquarium.

As for the operation, the aquarium wave makers will combine low pressure and high water volumes so as to create a wave effect in the aquarium. Depending on the model, you can get one controlled by a digital controller that allows just how much of the wave you want.

The wave maker comes with an impeller whose function is pump out the high volume water that is under low pressure. This is what creates the wave just like the flow motion of the ocean.

How to Install Aquarium Wave Maker?

Setting up the wave maker in your aquarium does not have to be hard. You need to start with the mounting mechanism.

Most of the wave maker will have the same mounting mechanism of using a suction cup. Make sure it is attached properly to the pump or head of the wave maker.

Proceed to attach the wave maker to the inner wall of the tank. If it is fully submersible, you can go ahead and submerge it if it is something necessary. Make sure that the intake is in the water and the pump is pointing to where you want the water delivered.

Plug in the power cord and turn it on. Just like that you are good to go.

You might also want to check the manufacturer installation process as you may have to assemble a few things.

What Size Wavemaker for Aquarium?

You will not have to worry much about this as the manufacturer always indicates it on the wave maker.

For example, a wave maker with the flow rate of 800 gallons per hour would be perfect for aquariums from 30 gallons to 60 gallons. The powerful wave makers are often reserved for larger aquariums.

Where to Place Wavemaker in Aquarium?

When it comes to placing the wave maker in the aquarium, there is a lot that goes into finding the right spot.

At first it might not be easy as not all the places will generate the right waves that you might want. Some position would mean creating high waves that hit the glass, creating a lot of noise.

It is therefore a bit of trial and error until you find the area that works great.


At this point, you should be in a position to make up your mind when it comes to picking the best aquarium wave maker.

Although they tend to vary in size and price, there are few differences with each of the models reviewed. You simply have to pick the one you think will take care of your needs effectively.

You still have to keep in mind the size of the aquarium to determine which model would be perfect. Go ahead and pick a wave maker that will make your aquarium perform even better. Fish Tank Keepers.

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